The Beginning of the Start Over Saga…

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Matt Heart sent his demo to Geffen Records and was gruesomely rejected.
That same year, Matt sent his demo to Vintertainment Records. The Vice President of the company called Matt and partnered with him with an opportunity for artist development, before the  R&B group Silk made their debut, a promise to be second featured artist on Keith Sweats KEIA Records in Atlanta, GA. was made to Matt. Promises were made but never followed through with.



Matt was then offered a choice between sacrificing his soul for stardom or raising his soon to be son, keeping his morals intact he chose the latter. That same year Matt Heart and his pregnant wife Lori, lost their home to a house fire. Forced to Start Over. Matt and Lori found it hard to find housing; Lori being pregnant and no one was willing to rent to an interracial couple. So with no one to help, they had no choice but to live in an abandoned duplex for six months while they worked at a fast food restaurant to save money. Matt would come home every night with a bag full of ice and replenish their  cooler to keep the milk and perishables cold. In December that year his son was born.


April 24th, Matts mom passed away at the tender age of 54. Matts wife, believing in his career and talent so much, took the money that she left him and created 424 Records, in remembrance of his mom.
Matt continued to create, write, and record music. Later that year, Matt wrote the song “October” for M.A.D.D. (MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVERS).


Matt not wanting to giving up on his musical career and the love of his family, continued to push forward. He wrote and recorded “I’m Spiderman (The Love Song) for the 2002 Spiderman movie. The director, Sam Raimi, said he did not want to use an “urban” ballad for the film. Later that year Marvel finally invited Matt to the Marvel Headquarters in New York; There he was offered to write songs for the upcoming movies, Hulk, Punisher, and Daredevil. Unfortunately they were never used; Forced once again to Start Over.


Matt started an Alternative Christian band, called Purpose, and moved he and his family to California.


February 11th, he and his band won a BMA Award for Best Alternative Album for the record “Eve of Temptation”.


Matt signed a production and record deal with Allo Records located in Hollywood, CA. Unfortunately, the company had financial trouble and was not able to promote the album as promised. While waiting for the Record companies financials to improve, both Matt and his son became very ill. Living in Redondo Beach, the moisture from living off the water created immense mold within the condo they were living in causing an allergic reaction. With no money, Matt was forced to sell his entire comic book collection, toys and games that he had collected since he was young just to fund the trip home and was left with no other option but to move his family back to familiar, back to Ohio.Once again forced to Start Over.


Living in Ohio, Matt took a job as a janitor at a local college. Pushing his son like any father would, Matt was able to get him into college early at the age of 17 and this allowing him to pursue his love of business. However, In 2012, he was involved in a car accident causing 3 years of injury rehabilitation and was unable to finish his courses.

In that same year Matt was managing his nephew who was an opening act for Trey Songz. At a listening party in Chicago his son expressed interest in the music industry and said to his father “Please help me”. His son felt he had what it took to be as successful as Drake or Chris Brown. They put their heads together and came up with the Start Over Saga, a six-part music video series about a superhero with the ability to set the wrong things right. And so it was, Jhuryll Phoenix was born.


Jhuryll entered into a relationship and a child was born a year after. No longer with the mother, he was awarded custody and now raises his daughter Nevaeh alone. In the same year, Matt proposed an idea to Jhuryll about starting a YouTube comedy channel together, and then began a new era on March 27th, for FatherAndSonTalk uploaded their first video! They continue to make videos to this day, but have recently been focusing more heavily on their first passion, music.


Matt was diagnosed with cancer. Not wanting his story or legacy to go untold, Matt and Jhuryll wrote a song for his wife Lori, in the event of his death, entitled “Back To The Start”.


Jhuryll separated from his fiance’ and moved out of the house they bought together, with his daughter to Start Over once again…

Matt and his son have continued to make great music, win awards, and have been streamed collectively millions of times online. They now ask you to join them as they attempt to set the wrong things right. Their life is proof that the Start Over is possible for anyone.

Not everyone has the ability to Start Over and even the best fairytales come to an end. They understand the obstacles life can bring to your door.

That is why Matt Heart and Jhuryll Phoenix want to help you start over with a $100,000 dollar music money giveaway. They want to hear your story and how you would like to start over and what YOU would do with $100,000 dollars.

Click here to download their latest album “Most Wanted” and take a chance at winning your own opportunity to Start Over.


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  • Juan Ponce says:

    Wow! Powerful story guys. You are true superheroes. You got my support!

  • cylenthia says:

    There’s beauty in disaster, if you know what you see. The most beauitful thing in the world is a real father, a real marriage, a real desire not only to pursue your dreams, but to stay strong together! Love this story, and your music! Keep going all the way! ♥💯💪🏾

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