The Saga



Start Over Saga is a collection of 7 music videos woven into a dramatic story of love, death, and decisions that change the course of time itself! Join Jhuryll Phoenix, a normal man who one day has the ability to “Start Over”… what will he do with this power? Find out below!

Chapters 1-3


Chapter 1 – Start Over


Chapter 2 – I’m In Love

Chapter 3 – Airplane

Thank You For Watching!

The last 4 chapters are slowly in production, but with our vision, we’re currently looking for help to finish them the way they deserve.



If you’re interested in owning the album that has the music from the series, please visit the ALBUM page. Here you can purchase it for $9.99. If you feel more comfortable using CashApp, the album is only $8.99! Just be sure to include your email address so we can send you the album!

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