The meaning behind every “Start Over Saga” chapter!

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We thought this might be a great opportunity to go more in-depth about each Start Over Saga song and video. This way we are able to to give you a better understanding and the backstory to it all and help make the experience even better.


If you haven’t watched the videos yet, please do so now or what is said next may ruin the experience!

Chapter 1 – Start Over


Jhuryll Phoenix writes:

I wrote most of this song with my dad while he was doing custodial work at a local college. At the time I worked 2nd shift and I used to go up to his job and work on music every night after work. I was going through a rough patch with my girlfriend and I used that as creativity for the lyrics of the track as well inspiration into the backstory of Jhuryll and Heather’s fighting in the music video.

I’m very passionate about the fight against “Texting and Driving” as well as driving under the influence. With this first chapter we wanted to send a subtle message to everyone watching; the outcome that  occurs when someone is distracted at the wheel!

I know with this new generation, sadly,  it’s common to be on your phone while driving and there are now so many more distractions on the road than ever, but I just ask anyone reading this to please remember to pay attention and no matter how important you may think that text is, it is no comparison to your life or the life of another.

Chapter 2 – I’m In Love


Matt Heart writes:

I wrote “I’m In Love” for my wife Lori and the celebration of our life together and the last 20+ year’s I have been married to her. How do you describe Love, How do you say I love you without speech? What gift do you get a person after being together for so long? These are questions I asked myself when choosing her gift.

Our anniversary is February 14th (yah I know, how chiche’) and my wife’s birthday is in January. I hired a phlebotomist to draw my blood and put my the vial of my blood it inside a special box with a key engraved on the outside. I then  wrote her a poem called “The Key”, see below. I then wrote and recorded the song “I’m In Love” and I inserted this song as well. I love this woman so much and I have grown to appreciate the fact the tomorrow is never promised and can be taken from us at any time and I wanted to be a testimony for her life. (Loving this song so much, I had decided to add it as a chapter to the Start Over Saga, Chapter 2)

THE KEY – written by Matt Heart

Unlock my Thoughts, Unlock my Fears.

Unlock my Heart, Unlock my Tears.

Unlock my Mind, Unlock my Smile.

Unlock my Love, Unlocked a Child.

Unlock my Heart, Unlock my Soul.

Unlock my Setbacks, Unlock my Goals.

Unlock my Music, Unlock my Dreams.

Unlock my Breath, That makes me Sing.

Unlock the Good, Unlock the Bad.

Unlock my Life, It’s all I Have.

This KEY, I place in your Hand.

Holds the Elements, That make me your Man.

My eyes are Open, and now I See, That you’re the only ONE, That deserves… THE KEY – I love you <3


Chapter 3 – Airplane


Jhuryll Phoenix:

As an artist, I like to write about personal experiences as well as real world topics and issues we face in everyday life. With this track I wanted to bring light to the epidemic RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) along with Out of the Darkness (Suicide Prevention), trying to help prevent and support anyone that is effected from it. I feel so strongly about helping anyone that deals with these complications and I wanted to incorporate them into the story line for “Airplane”.

It’s never too late to help someone you love, because sometimes all it takes is one person to make a difference!

“Out of the Darkness Walk 2013”

During the filming of “Airplane”, we asked our local airport if we could shut down the runway for a couple hours and shoot right on the open strip. After a few days of adjusting the flight schedules, they were VERY excited to help accommodate us, as you can see in the picture below, and went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed.

Some of the scenes were filmed on green screen, this was to amplify the response to the video. We were so excited as we were moving into a different direction with our music videos and even though we were not able to shoot out of a large movie production warehouse we still made it look amazing and had tons of fun making the video!


We are currently working on finishing the filming for chapters 4, 5 and 6 right now. That’s where you come in. Anyone that helps support our project by either donating or purchasing our full length feature album with receive credits and even executive producer credit in our upcoming films.

You do not want to miss out on being apart of what we have coming next! We hope this has given more insight into our minds, hearts, and the creation of Start Over Saga!

If you have any questions or just want to talk about any of the videos, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message!

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