What would you do with $100,000 dollars?

The purchase of our new album “Most Wanted”, via PayPal for just $9.99, will help support our mission to help someone else with a $100,000 Start Over giveaway!



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What does it mean to Start Over? To some people it means a down payment on a new home, or paying a loan off, a new car, paying off those pesky bill collectors, putting money up for your children’s college education, starting your own business, or taking a much needed vacation. What it means to you, will be determined by your personal struggles.

Let’s be honest, no matter what the use, $100,000 dollars can change your life, and help you Start Over.

We are, Matt Heart & Jhuryll Phoenix, a father and son, musician, and Youtube comedy duo.

We write music that touches the soul. Every song will speak to everyone in a different way. Our music is written from our own personal experiences, good and bad, and our lyrics have captured critics around the globe. We are a mixture of R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop & Country. We write what we feel, and we’re breaking all the rules. Collectively our music has been streamed millions of times with a broad audience, in the United States and over-seas. Our new album “Most Wanted” will not disappoint you!

So that brings us to the giveaway, and how it works!

First, purchase the digital copy of our album, “Most Wanted”, for $9.99 with the ORDER button below, and you will be redirected to PayPal! Once we have reached 100,000 digital copies sold, we will look through the names of the people who have supported us on our mission, and we will donate $100,000!

We are asking anyone that buys the album, or donates to our cause, to please cast your vote on how you think we should give the money away!


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Click the BUY NOW button below and download the album for $9.99, and help support our mission to giveaway $100,000 dollars, and discover why this father and son duo are MOST WANTED! You will be redirected to the digital download of “Most Wanted”, after placing your order. You will IMMEDIATELY be entered into the Start Over Saga Music Money Giveaway.






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