Jhuryll Phoenix

Professional recording artist Jhuryll Phoenix has been in the music business for over 10 years and has been writing & recording music since he was in elementary school.

Born December 5th, 1993, Phoenix entered the world as Matthew Smith, a child from Toledo, OH who would grow up to be a passionate singer/songwriter that believes he stands with the best.

His first single “Start Over” became an internet sensation, when it was accompanied by its same titled music video, which started the 6-part web series “Start Over Saga“!

“Start Over” is a collection of short films about a man named Jhuryll Phoenix who thinks he’s just an ordinary guy with and lives an ordinary life. Or is he? Dream or Reality? You be the judge in the exciting web series hosted on YouTube.

Along with Producer and Owner of 424 Records, Matt Heart (also father to Jhuryll), have been awarded Proclamations from the mayor of their hometown, for their major accomplishments and services done around the community.

Jhuryll has worked with producers Kyle Hall, Al Fraser, Tom Cusack, and recently Billboard Award-Winning and Top 40 music producer Morgan Matthews, who has recently won a Billboard Music Award for his #1 Hit “Show Me Love” by Alicia Keys, 21 Savage, and Miguel. He has also hired Music Producer / Mix & Recording Engineer Guillermo Enrique Edghill Jr. aka. The BIGJoon who can be credited to some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ginuwine, & Young Bruno.

Jhuryll is also a avid videogame player, who has competed in tournaments!

Phoenix is currently working with his father on their newest project “Most Wanted”, and promoting a $100,000 Music Money Giveaway, to help someone Start Over.


Matt Heart

Matt Heart is a highly accomplished musician, singer, and composer, whose talent and charisma has captured audiences across the nation with his unique sound, irresistible beats, and entertaining presentation. Passionate and energetic, Matt’s personality comes across in every song he writes, which is part of the reason he has a bustling production business. Some of Matt’s most notable accomplishments include winning the Best Alternative Performer award at the Los Angeles BMA’s in 2006 and being honored twice by Toledo’s mayor, Carty Finkbeiner.

Perhaps most impressive is that Matt has collaborated with several well-known musicians like American Idol contestant Martik Manoukian, who he produced a single for. This single became Martik’s signature song. Matt also placed a song in a major motion picture called “The Stick Up Kids” in 2008 as well as written songs for “Spiderman”, “Hulk”, “Punisher”, and “Daredevil”. Unfortunately, these songs were never used. His songs have been downloaded or streamed over a million times. He has also been featured on numerous radio and television stations.

Matt born July 27th and originally from Toledo, Ohio, a self-taught keyboard player Matt has had a variety of different experiences over the past 20 years in the industry, such as being the lead singer of the rhythm & rock band, “Purpose” for 4 years and successfully selling thousands of singles when he was only 15 years old. Matt’s influences include Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson. Matt is running his own production company with his wife Lori called 424 Records, enjoying work every day, and continuously creating new material both for movies like “Dark Games” and for up and coming stars like Jhuryll Phoenix!

In his spare time, Matt enjoys working on his son’s career and spending time with his friends and wife Lori Heart, of 25 years. He’s also a children’s book author under a fictitious name.



Together, Matt Heart and Jhuryll Phoenix now make up FatherAndSonTalk, a new age dynamic duo that attacks multiple entertainment platforms, with comedy skits, music videos, recording songs, as well as streaming videogames.

Not only do FatherAndSon write/record songs, and film/edit their own videos together, they’ve also worked together at the same job for the past 6 years! These two best friends are taking the world by storm! Don’t miss the movement!

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