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Start Over Saga

“Start Over Saga, created by Matt Heart & Jhuryll Phoenix, is a 7-part miniseries about a preternatural tale of one man’s quest to alter the destiny of those around him; as well as his own. Jhuryll Phoenix is an ordinary man, who after his girlfriend Heather’s sudden and tragic death, begins to display some very extraordinary powers. Abilities he apparently inherited, but from where? Jhuryll attempts to piece together this cosmic mystery in an alternate reality where time itself has been reversed, thus giving him a second chance to save his true love.

As Jhuryll seeks answers to how this all came to be, he is shadowed by a sinister rival. Someone or… something that wishes to destroy him, and prevent Jhuryll from realizing his greater calling. A battle between right and wrong, creates a spiritual warfare where he will face his greatest demons! Interwoven with a soundtrack highly relevant to its story, Start Over Saga will enter your veins like a drug, guaranteed to grab your attention from the very beginning and never let go!”

Please visit The Saga to view Chapters 1-3, the musical drama that will captivate your mind!

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